No, I did not make the English Muffin. It’s the baked potatoe wedges I’m talking about, something quick and nothing-to-shout-about which I made a few days back. Nevertheless, it’s surprising because I don’t usually cook apart from instant noodles (hee). Anyhow, I’ve been baking but I just dont have the time to take picture and blog about it. Still, here’s something to resurrect my dying blog. Cheers!


No, I’m not referring to the Drama – Party of Five. I’m referring to the mini birthday party for my best friend who will turn 19 tomorrow. The clique of 5 gathered together today to celebrate this special day of hers and of course, I brought a cake along.


A slice of the classic Flourless Chocolate Torte for you?

First of all, sorry for the disappearance! I’ve been busy working throughout my term break. When it comes to weekends, I just feel like slacking or catching up with my friends which explains my absense in baking. Nevertheless, now that the new school term has started, I guess I’ll probably be baking more often.


I’ve been pretty busy lately so baking is definitely not my top priority. Nevertheless, these mooncakes are for the sister’s colleagues as requested. Hopefully, they will enjoy it despite the lack of creativity.