A big HELLLOOOO to all my readers!!! I’m finally back to the sunny island. It’s been a memorable trip spending 12 days in Sichuan province Chengdu and Chongqing visiting companies (gosh!) and visiting the beautiful scenic spots. Of course, thanks to the jokers (my clique), the trip was full of laughters and joy, making the trip unforgettable. Well, I’ll definitely miss their company (and in fact I’m at a loss on how to spend my last week of holiday since I’m so used to their company everyday)! And to all my readers, I’ll be back in action soon (after I have my flu bug cured since I’ve fell sick once again during the trip)! Cheers!

UPDATE: Sorry everyone, I’m really very busy the past one month, with school ending at odd hours sometimes AND projects piling up AND never ending meetings. I haven’t touch my oven for a while and I’m missing it. Hopefully, I’ll adjust to the super hectic time table soon and get back to my usual routine.

Btw, do drop a birthday comment coz I’ve just celebrated my 19th birthday yesterday (3rd May)! Will love to see everyone’s well wishes! 😀