Well, I’m Bernice, as the title of the blog suggests. I’m currently 19 and am doing my tertiary education in the local polytechnic. Basically, I enjoy baking, singing and reading. My interest with photography is growing but it seems like I just lack some talent with it.

Bernice’s Baking Journey is simply a journal where I jot down my baking experience. Of course, there are some ramblings in the blog but the main purpose of this blog is to share my baking experience with everyone. Hopefully, you will learn something from my experience, just like how I’ve learnt from other floggers.

Never be afraid to leave a comment or ask me any question. Afterall, we all learn through asking questions, isn’t it? If my entries amuse you, do leave a comment because comments always cheers me up. I love to know who you are and how you stumble upm my blog. 

If you’re passionate about baking, you’re most welcome to join me in my baking journey. Cheers!


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