September 2007

Some time back, we had our final French presentation and many of us (including me) presented French pastries as our final project. Apart from the usual choux pastries, financier and madeleine, a friend chose to present the mysterious Macarons which fascinated many of us.




Back in school, my number one most hated subject is none other than science. I remember failing almost every tests and exam from sec 1 to sec 4. It’s a miracle that I managed to pass my science (with a pretty good grade) for my O level. I always believe that the best thing about graduating from secondary school is I can officially say goodbye to my most hated subject.


When I talk about brownies, I will always received different comments on how they like their brownies to be done. As for me, I prefer my brownies to be cakey and loaded with walnuts.

However, most of the people I know prefer their brownies to be fudgy or gooey. Most importantly, these people hate the nuts in brownies which I always wonder why since I simply love all kinds of nuts. Therefore, when it comes to brownie, it’s a matter of personal preferences of individuals.


 Blurry photos?

Well, my already-bad-enough-camera decides to be mischievous again which results in blurry pictures.However, there’s no doubt that my bad photo taking skill also contributes to the blurry photos.

Anyhow, I’m not intending to get a new camera (unless heaven decides to shower me with cash) so do bear with my distorted pictures.

The good news is, at least it’s not the oven that’s down so I can still continue with my baking. =)


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

Sadly, I do not have the skills of making mooncakes. Hopefully next year, I’ll be able to share my handmade mooncakes with everyone.

Enjoy the festival!!!


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