October 2007


I know how mischievous macarons can be. Trust me, my macarons making journey hasn’t been smooth hence, I know how irritating it feels when the macarons turn out horrible thus, I’m sharing with you what I learnt and my experience with macarons.

First, I’m not a macaron expert thus, I might not be doing the correct way but at least, it works for me. Second, the photos here are horrible because I’m making the macarons and taking pictures at the same time. I must admit my horrible photo taking skill also contributes to the ugly pictures here so please bear with it. Also, pardon my terrible description.



See the lovely note? Isn’t it sweet to receive your parcel with a special note just for you?


Anne from Simply Anne’s have tagged me for a meme and I’m simply so excited!!! I don’t know if anyone’s interested with my meme but I’m still so thrilled that I’ve been tagged. Thanks for tagging me! =P

Five Things

Found in my room:

TV (though it is hardly utilized).
Cookbooks beside my bed so that I can read them as bed time stories.
Bags lying on the floor.
Cardboard full of CD albums and VCD/DVD.
Stacks of lecture notes.

I have always wanted to do:

Travel around Europe.
Attend baking classes.
Be a lawyer (though it will never happen).
Be a violinist (too expensive (and old) to carry on).
Have English high tea sessions everyday.

Found in my bag:

Pencil case.
Lecture notes/Textbooks.
Sweeeets and Candy (for boring lectures =X).

Found in my wallet:

EZ link card.
Student ID.
ATM Card.
Dental appoinment card.

I am currently into:

Baking and blogging.
Surfing food blogs everyday.
Watching endless TV programmes.
Reading cookbooks.
Having afternoon naps everyday.

Candidates to tag:

Taste Goblet
Lee Ping from Stream in the Hip Desert
Small small baker


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For the best friend who brought me so much joy for the past 6 years, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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