January 2008

So, it’s the time of the year again where we kids (yes, I still like to call myself kids) are the most excited. Not only we get to eat all kinds of goodies without being nag by the parents, we are given red packets as well.



I guess the mice have eaten up all the cheese in Singapore coz I can’t find any cream cheese in the supermarkets and even phoon huat’s individual packed cream cheese’s sold out. As cream cheese is essential and a cheaper altenative for Tiramisu, I had no choice but to purchase the 2kg block of cream cheese instead. As a result, I have lots of leftover cheese which also means more excuses for CHEESECAKES!


I believe I don’t have to explain why tiramisu is consider adult treats but why cupcakes then? Well, I have to agree with Dorie that these chocolate cupcakes are so dense and rich that only grown ups will appreciate them.


First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Well, I’m still around and baking regularly. The lack of updates are due to the fact that my laptop decide to die on me again. The laptop’s only working when she’s (let’s assume it’s a she since she’s so temperamental) feeling good and happy. Other times, I can’t even turn it on. So for the time being, my updates will be pretty irregular.

On the side note, I have 2 tiramisu sitting in my fridge because I’m experimenting with tiramisu so that I can present them to my friend for birthday on Monday. Will update in the next entry soon!