February 2008

Happy 20th Birthday, Leapling!


WARNING! I was so excited that I didn’t really care about the lighting so the photos here are of bad bad bad quality!


Didn’t I said I hope to attempt bread making on my last post? Well, I was blog shopping after the entry and saw the news on Sweet-Tooth’s blog that the breadmaker is going at a promotion price of $69.90! I believe it’s a sign that I should embark on my bread making journey yea?


I’ve been tagged by a lovely lady who’s similar like me, weight conscious and can’t say no to nuts and ice cream! So here it goes, 5 facts about me.

 1. Despite my love for baking, I hate baking cookies. Well, I own a Techno table top oven that can’t even fit a 12 holes muffin pan so it’s I always felt that my cookie dough are never ending since I can only bake at most 12 cookies at one go. To finished baking a batch of cookies, I sometimes need 2 hours especially when I only have one baking tray which translate to more time needed to wait for the tray to cool etc.

2. I can’t bake when anyone’s around. Therefore, I usually bake during the afternoon when everyone’s out and I have the kitchen all to myself.

3. One of the things that I want to try baking this year is bread. I love bread and sometimes, I can simply have bread for lunch instead of proper meal. Hopefully I’ll succeed in bread making since I’ve been told that it’s a tedious process to knead and yeast is a difficult thing to understand.

4. I enjoy reading. Even when I’m revising for my papers, I’ll still spend some time to read. I love Harry Potter series but I only own Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows. Some other books that I love are The Pact by Jodi Picoult, Fish by Stephan C, Harry Paul, and John Christensen and current favourtie, Escape by Carolyn Jessop.

5. I love to sing. During my “crazy period”, I visit Kbox at least once every week.

So, these are 5 facts about myself and I will like to tag the following people,

Oven Haven
The Cooking Ninja
Stream in the Hip Desert
Jumbo Empanadas
Simply Anne’s

On the side note, you may realised that I haven’t update for past 2 weeks. I was busy with my revision due to my semester examinations so I haven’t baked anything. BUT I’ll definitely update more often during my holidays! Cheers!

4 more days to go and we’ll be saying goodbye to the pig and hello to the rat! The house is clean, bedsheet changed, new year clothes bought, my hair is neat and the fact that I’ve already eaten 2 boxes of ba kwa should probably imply that I’m almost ready to welcome the new year. The only thing I haven’t prepare myself is definitely my weight issue since cny is also the kind of gathering where relatives comment on your looks, studies and basically, anything that can be commented which no doubt will lead to questions on why I’ve been putting on weight.