I’ve been tagged by a lovely lady who’s similar like me, weight conscious and can’t say no to nuts and ice cream! So here it goes, 5 facts about me.

 1. Despite my love for baking, I hate baking cookies. Well, I own a Techno table top oven that can’t even fit a 12 holes muffin pan so it’s I always felt that my cookie dough are never ending since I can only bake at most 12 cookies at one go. To finished baking a batch of cookies, I sometimes need 2 hours especially when I only have one baking tray which translate to more time needed to wait for the tray to cool etc.

2. I can’t bake when anyone’s around. Therefore, I usually bake during the afternoon when everyone’s out and I have the kitchen all to myself.

3. One of the things that I want to try baking this year is bread. I love bread and sometimes, I can simply have bread for lunch instead of proper meal. Hopefully I’ll succeed in bread making since I’ve been told that it’s a tedious process to knead and yeast is a difficult thing to understand.

4. I enjoy reading. Even when I’m revising for my papers, I’ll still spend some time to read. I love Harry Potter series but I only own Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows. Some other books that I love are The Pact by Jodi Picoult, Fish by Stephan C, Harry Paul, and John Christensen and current favourtie, Escape by Carolyn Jessop.

5. I love to sing. During my “crazy period”, I visit Kbox at least once every week.

So, these are 5 facts about myself and I will like to tag the following people,

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On the side note, you may realised that I haven’t update for past 2 weeks. I was busy with my revision due to my semester examinations so I haven’t baked anything. BUT I’ll definitely update more often during my holidays! Cheers!