Do you read 1 as one, or you read 1 as first? Don’t fret because 1 is one and first today.

Today, Bernice’s Baking Journey is 1 year (+2 days) old! I cannot believe that it’s been a year since I started my baking journey. When I first started blogging, I wanted to record my baking experience and share whatever I’ve learnt with everyone. I’m thankful that after 1 year, I’m still here and am still passionate with baking. There may be times where I went mia for a while but the passion is always around. I may not be the best in baking but I believe I have contributed a tiny wheeny effort in inspiring/helping others. Seeing a thank you comment never fails to thrill me.

The first entry in this journey was my attempt with macarons, something that scares bakers away. It was something different from my usual bakes and definitely a breakthrough in my baking journey. Throughout the year, I’ve moved on with other challenges such as chiffon cake and bread. Therefore, there is no doubt that I have to make something different to mark my first birthday, isn’t it?

Well, I made my very first mooncake today, which explain the first in this post. Armed with a foolproof recipe, the making process was almost a breeze. The only thing that went wrong was probably that I’ve added too much water to the skin dough, making it a little difficult to handle. One interesting thing is that, it’s also the first time I used shortening. When I thought butter is greasy enough, shortening is even worst. I hate the greasy feeling when I was making the mooncake and I wonder if I made any mistake. To all the expert out there, is this normal?

One last thing, I want to thank all my readers who’s been reading this small little blog. To those who have commented, thank you as it’s always heartening to see some encouragements. Also, thank you for the flattering comments. To the food bloggers, thanks for guiding me in this baking journey. You guys have always been a inspiration for me and I aspire to be as successful as you guys. Once again, happy birthday to Bernice’s Baking Journey!