Are you like me? When I like something, I’m totally into it. I can play my favourtie CD (currently Jason Mraz’s We sing, We Dance, We Steal Things) over and over again, watching Grey’s Anatomy over and over again, eating chicken chop for lunch for one whole semester etc. I’m simply the kind that once it’s-in-me, it’s in me till I’m really sick of it.

Lately, I’ve been hit with a serious chocolate craving (especially the Van Houton white chocolate almond). You will see me munching chocolate during lectures, lunch break, watching TV and even when I’m reading. So the weekend baking definitely needs some intense chocolate flavouring, isn’t it?

Without a doubt, Dorie’s chocolate-chocolate chunk muffin fits what I’m looking for. I ate one when it’s still warm and I love the warm gooey chocolate from the chocolate chunks. These muffins are to-die-for for all chocolate addicts out there. So, I’ve satisfied my chocolate craving (for the time being) but have you?