I’m having a bad week (and it’s only Wednesday today, GOSH!) so I turned to junk food, hoping to find some comfort. After 2 rows of almond chocolate bar, 1 packet of van houton semi-sweet almond chocolate, 1 set of Mcdonald’s, and 1 Oreo Mcflurry, I’m still feeling pretty moody. Well, it seems like the happy food doesn’t really help. Then it strikes on me that baking can be therapeutic as well.

Since I’m feeling quite lazy too, I made the quick and easy chocolate cupcake. This time round, I omitted the vanilla essence and added 2 teaspoon of Irish Cream Bailey instead, hoping to enhance the chocolate taste.

Then I proceed with frosting the cupcakes with the yummilicous meringe buttercream. I can’t tell you how thrill I was when the buttercream decided to thicken! After listening to 3 tracks of Jason Mraz’s latest album (which I absolutely love), the buttercream was still pretty watery. Thankfully, the perseverance paid off and I must say that I love the buttercream! It is less sweet than the usual butter-icing buttercream and I love the smooth texture. I think I’m a total convert to meringue buttercream now!

Well, I must say that baking is indeed therapeutic. I feel so silly for feeding myself with so much junk food (FATS). So my advice is, if anyone of you is feeling a little down, baking is the medicine!