I’m sure everyone knows that I’m quite an impatient person and I hate to wait. I find it a hassle to wait for ingredients like butter to come to room temperature but sadly, it seems like baking requires some patience as almost every recipe requires the ingredients to be at room temperature.

Thankfully, there are still some exceptions where I can just use ingredients straight from the fridge and scones is one of them. I’ve always love the scones from poppye chicken and have always reminded myself to attempt making scones one day. While blog hopping, I’ve also bookmarked many recipes but again, I procrastinated.

I’m not presenting scones but Baking Powder Biscuits (Williams-Sonoma’s Essential of Baking page 91). I love how easy and striaght forward the recipe is. I only need 15 minutes of preparation and they are ready to pop into the oven, perfect for my lazy bones!

Like my every first attempt, there are some learning points to take note and there’s not exception this time round. My biscuits did not rise very high. I suspect that I’ve overmixed and also, the dough is too thin. Well, guess this is what I call “room for improvements” for the next attempt.