It’s been a while since my last attempt with bread. When I first started making bread, I did a lot of research, reading from forums and different blog about bread making but sadly, it seems like all these knowledge has escaped from my brain, causing some “mishap” in the kitchen. Nevertheless, I managed to present my tiny loaf of bread here.

The sister bought me 孟老师的100道面包 from Taiwan some time in March and I’ve been wanting to attempt the recipe. After seeing Happy Homebaker’s beautiful pictures on the chocolate-green tea loaf, I was totally convinced that it is a MUST TRY recipe.

As you can see, I still haven’t master the skill of kneading as the cocoa powder and green tea powder were not toally incorporated with the dough. Also, I did not do a great job with shaping the loaf because I’ve under-measured the length for the plaits I think I should have waited a little longer for the second proofing  hence resulting in a tiny distorted loaf.

Well, at least I had fun plaiting the dough and I absolutely love the colour combinations of the loaf! Hopefully, there will be some improvement with my bread making the next time!