My friends and I had our lunch at Ikea today and as usual, we couldn’t finish the food we ordered. Then it dawn onto us how wasteful we are and we keep rattling on how guilty we all are about the waste. The irony thing is, despite feeling guilty, it seems like a norm that we will always order more that we can eat.  

I must confess that my bad habit is extended to other things as well. I was searching through the kitchen cabinet just now and I realised how much I had overstocked. Not only there were too many packs of flour/sugar/baking power etc, some of these items had expired! I had no choice but to dump the expired packs of sugar, cinamon powder, whipping cream blablabla into the garbage bin.

After clearing the items, I had a sudden desire to bake. I browsed through the recipes I had bookmarked and continue to search on the net for “inspiration”. While reading some blog, I was reminded of my Williams-Sonoma’s Essential of Baking. I bought this book last year and it has been lying in the shelf since then. Though I’ve flipped through the pages to admire the beautiful pictures, I’ve never tried any of the recipes in it. So again, my wasteful habit and it’s time I do something about it!

Without any further procrastination, I decided to bake the Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies (page 120). I’ve always loved oatmeal cookies and this recipe didn’t disappoint me. As I thought that raisins are usually quite sweet (since I didnt “rinse” it with hot water) so I reduced 10gm of sugar (each). The result was great! I love the chewy texture. Unlike those commercial cookies which are so stingy with raisins, the cookies were loaded with raisins, totally delicious!

My sister’s leaving for China tomorrow and the parents can’t seem to appreciate cookies so, in order not to stop my wasteful behaviour, the cookies are packed for the bestie tomorrow. Hope she loves them as much as I do. Happy weekend everyone!