I don’t know about you but I prefer preparing in advance when it comes to baking. I’ll usually think of what I feel like baking (or what I’m craving) then prepare the necessary ingredients before actually baking it. However, I made a last minute decision to make the Corniest Corn Muffin (Page 4 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home To Yours) as I was hit with a sudden craving for Kenny Rogers’ muffins.

So, with the decision made, I move on to the kitchen preparing the ingredients. I thought I had everything till I realised that I’ve ran out of corn oil since eons ago. The only kind of oil left was rice bran and I don’t know if it will affect the ultimate flavour of the muffins. I didn’t have enough butter left but I still move on with substituting the oil with butter, hoping that it turn out well. Then another mini disastor struck where I forgot where I keep the muffin trays. Thankfully, I saw the lovely disposable aluminium cups laying around in the cardboard shouting out for me to use them so the problem was solved easily.

I must say that the result was pretty good despite the little lack of butter (or rather, corn oil) tho I will prefer a little more sugar added. Nevertheless, I still love the soft texture of the muffins. Guess I had improved my folding technique compared to the previous time. However, I will still very much prefer to prepare in advance before baking as I do not wish to be caught off guard again.