First and foremost, I’m very very sorry that I’ve been missing for so long. I must admit that I haven’t touch the oven since March which is probably the longest period I went hiatus on baking. I have many reasons (or excuses) for my mia but most importantly, I feel that I’ve shifted my priorities to focus on my studies.

As you might have guessed from my age, it’s my final year in poly and I want to end it well. I’m working extremely hard this semester and having additional modules isn’t making my school life easier. But the good news is, I think so far, I’ve adapted quite well except that, school is eating into my leisure time. When I’m not busy with school, I’m simply slacking and baking just seems a little too tedious for me (ok, this is just an excuse for my laziness, lol). Nevertheless, here I am, updating a post on my baking journey (finally). I hope you readers still enjoy reading my blog despite its absense of updates. =D

So, the best way to re-start my baking journey is none other than baking the best cookies, World Peace Cookies which I can never have enough. No matter how many cookies recipes I’ve tried, I’ll still come back to these sinful cookies whenever I’m hit with a chocolate craving. You must have heard enough of the praises of these cookies so I shall stop elaborating on how addictive they are. If you still haven’t had a taste of them, I can only say, you don’t know what you’re missing!