I thought I have all the time to bake during the holiday but I was wrong. I was stucked in school every day last week due to some programme I’m involved with. Then, I fell sick and couldn’t do any baking for the past few days. I’m still down with the flu virus but am already itching to bake. The fridge is only left with one egg so needless to say, what’s going into the oven is macarons.

Since I had a pack of lavenders, I decided to play with it. I have never tried lavender flavoured food before and the commercial lavender perfume don’t appeal to me but, I’m still curious how lavender will taste when it is added into macarons. Well, I can only said that lavender’s not my cup of tea. The scent is too strong and my mum commented that it’s a little bitter. Perhaps I’m a little too liberal with adding the flower. I wonder how I’m going to finish the rest of the flowers.

As you can see from the pictures, I’ve lost touch with making macarons. Not only the feet is too big, I can’t seem to pipe them evenly. When I was beating the egg white, I can’t remember when it should be done. Guess I need to revise on my own notes. LOL