I know I’ve bought a new cook book about bread and I should be using it and not make it a white elephant BUT, it seems that there’s so many “distractions” on the net with wonderful recipes. So it’s not exactly my fault that the lovely book is lying on the table hibernating, isn’t it? My theory is, since I’ve already owned the book, the recipes will always be there so, it can wait a little while before I focus my attention on them. Hee

On my previous post, I mentioned that I’ll be making the wholemeal version of the cream cheese loaf. This time round, I did not procrastinate (like I always do) but actually made the loaf this afternoon since I cannot stop raving about the bread. It remains soft even on the third day and I don’t even need to spread anything on it. The bread is delicious enough to be eaten on its own.  To make the wholemeal version, simply replace 50gm of the bread flour with wholemeal flour (as recommended by KWF and voila, you’ve got a wonderful loaf of wholemeal bread.

I must say that the result is as usual, soft and fluffy. However, it’s a little less salty compared to the previous time (I wonder why, perhaps due to wholemeal flour used?) but still GOOD enough to be eaten on its own. Needless to say, I prefer the wholemeal version since it’s healthier and I feel less sinful when I eat too many of them. 

Well, there’s still a few more bread recipes that I’ve bookmarked so I guess that my new friend will still be resting for a little longer. And I must thank the talented Happy Homebaker for sharing the helpful tips on breadmaker, I believe they’re really useful for my bread making journey.

P/S: For those who had asked about the bread maker, it is still selling at $69.90 (as of yesterday) at Carrefour. You can get it at Suntec City, second flour of carrefour. The machine is located at the oven, deep fryer, boiler (mainly kitchen appliances) etc section. Hope it helps!