I’ve always thought that cream cheese is only used for making cheesecakes or mainly desert dishes. Through reading some cookbooks, I learned that cream cheese is used in short crust pastry for tarts as well. Little did I know that cream cheese can also be used in bread, this is such a surprising news to me!

Bread lover KWF has been posting entries about the wonderful cream cheese bread. Looking at how she’s been so addicted to the bread and continuously recommending it in her blog, how can I not attempt the bread and savour it myself? Since I was home pretty early today and my kitchen is well stocked with the necessary ingredients of the bread, I’m all set the savour the bread myself!

I must say that the recipe and KWF’s good reviews did not fail me. The bread is indeed soft and fluffy, definitely tasty. I’m not sure if it is suppose to be salty but my bread is more towards the salty side, probably due to the fact that I used spreadable cream cheese instead of cream cheese block. Nevertheless, I love the crispy crust bread and its salty taste.

Conclusion, this is definitely a keeper. Since I prefer healthier wholemeal bread, I’ll make the wholemeal version the next time round.

Cream Cheese Loaf

160gm water
250gm bread flour
50gm cream cheese
10gm milk powder
15gm sugar
3gm salt
20gm butter
2.5gm dry yeast*

1. Pour water into pan of bread maker, followed by butter, cream cheese, sugar and sale. Cover with flour, milk powder and make a small indent with your finger on the flour. Place yeast inside the indent.
2. Fit the pan into bread maker and set set to regular or fast loaf cycle.
3. Remove pan when baked and cool on wire rack for 1 hour before slicing.

*I use 3gm yeast instead.

Source: Cream Cheese Bread
Recommended by: KWF