WARNING! I was so excited that I didn’t really care about the lighting so the photos here are of bad bad bad quality!

With the bread maker now, I can’t wait to start making bread. Even when I was watching the uber cute CJ7 just now, I was still a little distracted with my plans on bread making keep popping into my head. So after the movie, I went to Phoon Huat and get the necessary stuff. Needless to say, I start on my”project” immediately when I reached home.

By the way, I’ve already decide on this recipe long before I bought the machine. Since I’m such a nutty fan, I was hooked when I saw Happy Home Baker’s entry. What better way to start my bread making journey with something I love right?

Like what she said, all I need to do is let the machine do it all! So making this bread was a breeze EXCEPT that I think I select the wrong colour – medium instead of the recommended light and I’m not sure what is the conversion of 2 lb so I just chose the 950gm. Somehow, I’ve got this feeling it should be 750gm instead. Nevertheless, the bread still turns out okie. One more thing, is the blade of the machine suppose to be stucked in the bread like the picture above?

Well, so here’s my bread. It’s soft as mentioned and I thought I did (or machine did) pretty well for the first attempt on bread. The peanut butter taste wasn’t very strong but the remedy is easily available, simply spread MORE peanut butter on it, more excuses for me to consume more peanut butter! I’m pretty happy with the bread and I think I’ll be making bread more often now!

P/S: Can someone please tell me how do you keep this bread? Do you use a tupperware or just a plastic bag like those sold in the marts? And how do you slice the loaf nicely? I had a pretty hard time slicing them. Thanks a lot!