4 more days to go and we’ll be saying goodbye to the pig and hello to the rat! The house is clean, bedsheet changed, new year clothes bought, my hair is neat and the fact that I’ve already eaten 2 boxes of ba kwa should probably imply that I’m almost ready to welcome the new year. The only thing I haven’t prepare myself is definitely my weight issue since cny is also the kind of gathering where relatives comment on your looks, studies and basically, anything that can be commented which no doubt will lead to questions on why I’ve been putting on weight.

Well, since there’s nothing I can do now unless someone cast a spell on me and I’m able to wake up with perfect slim body tomorrow, I guess I should just hide in a corner of the house on the day hoping that nobody will see me which also means, I won’t have to deal with difficult questions!

Anyhow, I should stop digressing and get back to baking related stuff. Apart from the cornflake cookies, I also made some melting moments for the festive. Initially, I wanted to experiment with more cornflake cookies recipes but the gluttony sister ate the whole box of cornflakes so I had to switch to plan B hence the melting moments since the ingredients are relatively simple.

Seems like my contributions to the cny goodies are pretty westernize and not exactly the traditional cny goodies. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty fun to join in the excitement of cny goodies preparation.