So, it’s the time of the year again where we kids (yes, I still like to call myself kids) are the most excited. Not only we get to eat all kinds of goodies without being nag by the parents, we are given red packets as well.

When I was still a little girl, my mum will aways bring me to one particular neighbourhood bakery which specialised in Chinese snacks 1 month before chinese new year. I still can remember mum placing large orders on the egg rolls, pineapple tarts and lots of new year goodies and then, we will go back to the shop few weeks later to collect the big bags of goodies home where my sister and I will be so excited about. I swear the egg rolls from the bakery were the best I’ve ever tasted so far. The “trip” remained a yearly event till we (the kids) eventually lose the excitement of chinese new year and stop pestering the mother to order this and that.

Well, I must admit that the only excitement about Chinese new year is the fact that we kids are given red packets. I remember that the little kids (including me) in the family will be hiding in one room counting the amount of money we received and then compete with each other on who received the most. Somehow, the celebration of new year has lost its meaning and we’re only concern with the money factor.

Lately, many food bloggers are busy with making the new year goodies and I’m a little influenced as well. Of course, I’m still not skilled to bake the complicated goodies so I settled on the Cornflake Cookies. As the cookies are a little on the dry side, I’ll probably be experimenting with a few more recipes during the week since I thought it would be nice to contribute a little of the new year celebration instead of being obsessed with money.

Well, I’m not a chinese new year enthusiast yet but a little contribution is likely to sparkle my excitement with chinese new year I guess. Oh parents, next time you see your kids hiding in a room, you should know what they’re up to! =P