I have to admit that I’m an extremely lazy person. Even when my friends want to meet me, I will suggest dvd marathon at my house (so that I can slack at home) or simply catch a movie at the nearest mall. When it comes to school work, I do put in a lot of effort in my projects BUT still, I’ll often wait till the very last minute before deciding that it’s time to start on them. That’s how lazy I am. I’m always procrastinating.

If you take a look at my to-do-list, you will be shocked with the number of items in them. In fact, sometimes I can’t even remember when I bookmark it and then, the list gets longer and longer. It’s either I get distracted with other fancier baked goods or I’m too lazy to make them. Today, I’ve finally decided to stop procrastinating (for once) and try to clear part of the to-do-list.


Don’t you just love the texture of shortbreads? The cookies literally melt in your mouth and leaves you with the goodness of the buttery taste. When I saw the Scotch Shortbread (page 13) on Williams-Sonoma’s Cookies, I knew I have to make them someday and of course, the taste didn’t disppoint me.

Another thing that’s on list is none other than biscotti. This time round, I used this recipe. As it did not mention how long the log is suppose to be, I have to use my own instinct. I also experience another problem with slicing because after the first bake, the biscotti “slice” my fingers instead. Seriously, I hate knives. The last time I try to cut a coconut, I “cut” my fingers and even when I’m cutting the butter, I will sometimes “cut” my hands too. Call me vain but I’m a little upset with the scars on my hands but thankfully, the biscottis are yummy which somehow make up for it.

So now, it’s time for me to get back to my lazy lifestyle – watching Grey’s Anatomy or rather, Patrick Dempsey. =X