Most of you will agree that muffins are of the easiest and quickest to make among all other baked goods. Instead of bringing out the mixer to beat the butter and suger to light and fluffy, muffins simply needs the wet ingredients to be poured into the dry and then fold, that’s all. However, the folding technique is the key to the texture of the muffins thus, I think there’s still a need for some skills to make yummy muffins which is something I lack.

I always seems to have problems with folding the dry and wet ingredients. Somehow, I have zero idea when to stop and even when I thought the mixture and fully incoperated, there will still some flour (or whatever dry ingredients) hidden somewhere at the bottom hence I’ll continue to fold/mix. I believe that most of the time, I overmix the mixture which results in coarser texture. Guess I need more practices with folding ingredients yea?

 Anyhow, I used the Chocolate-Chocolate Chunk Muffins from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours (page 19) and they’re really chocolatey. Even the sister comment that the muffins are quite fragrant. Apart from the texture of the muffins, the taste/smell of chocolate is heavenly even when mixing the ingredients. Of course, the muffins will be perfect if I’ve mastered the skill of folding the ingredients correctly!