(Pardon the bad quality as photo is taken with handphone camera)

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t fit into your pants or when you feel that the clothes are simply too small to fit into anymore? Well, I’m experiencing such problems now. Every morning, I have to spend like 10 to 20 minutes just to decide on what clothes to wear because it seems like the clothes are a little too tiny for my ever expanding waistline now.

Of course, I have to do something about my weight issue which also includes lesser consumption of baked goods which are famous for its high sugar and carbohydrate which translate to none other than FATS which is also result in a little reluctance to bake.

While I was surfing the food blogs this afternoon, I chance upon this recipe which is good news to me! I mean, how fattening can oats be? The best thing is also it uses oil instead of butter which means one lesser chore for me since I’m too lazy to chop any butter today. As the recipe requires only 90 grams of sugarI feel less guilty munching them. The recipe is definitely a keeper!