I know how mischievous macarons can be. Trust me, my macarons making journey hasn’t been smooth hence, I know how irritating it feels when the macarons turn out horrible thus, I’m sharing with you what I learnt and my experience with macarons.

First, I’m not a macaron expert thus, I might not be doing the correct way but at least, it works for me. Second, the photos here are horrible because I’m making the macarons and taking pictures at the same time. I must admit my horrible photo taking skill also contributes to the ugly pictures here so please bear with it. Also, pardon my terrible description.


1 egg white (don’t bother about using old egg white, simply crack one egg and throw away the yolk or keep the yolk, whatever you like. you can even use cold egg white, it won’t affect the macarons)

Caster sugar 30 gm

Ground almond 30 gm

Icing sugar 50 gm

Ground almond 3 gm (use whatever flavours you like eg, cocoa powder/matcha/ground rose. Simply replace accordingly)


Plastic Sieve (Such sieve has bigger “eyes” thus easier to sift through the ground almond)

Clean mixing bowl


Piping bag with round tip

Electric mixer

Baking tray with non stick baking paper


1. Mix the icing sugar, ground almond and flavoring together then grind it using a food processor or blender. Then sift the mixture onto a bowl or parchment paper.

2. Beat the egg white till frothy with high speed. Then add in the caster sugar and switch to medium speed and beat till the egg white is almost peak form. When you shake the bowl, you can see the egg white still “moving”. When you lift the mixer, you can see a tail on the beater.

3. Fold half of the mixute in (1) into the eggwhite.

4. Fold the remaining mixture into the egg white and STOP when you no longer see any white streaks. This takes a few practices, if you fold too little, your macs will have very big feet and if you fold too much, the macs will have little tiny feets or no feet at all.

(after everything is fold in)

5. If you’re new to macarons making, I will suggest you to try flavourings with obvious colour (such as matcha) so that you can see clearly when to stop.

6. Stick a little batter onto the sides of the baking paper and stick it onto the baking tray so that the paper doesn’t move.

7. Fill the macaron batter into the piping bag.

8. Pipe the macaron batter onto the baking tray then preheat the oven at 170 degree celsius. There’s no need to wait for the batter to dry, simply pop the macarons into the oven once your oven is heated. A dried macaron batter will cracked badly when baked.

(after about 6 minutes in the oven)

9. Bake the macarons at 170 degree for 8-10 minutes. The timing depends on when you see the skirt/feet forming around the macarons (my oven takes 8 minutes). When you see the feet, reduce to 160 degrees for 1 minute. After each minute, reduce 10 degree.

(after about 16 minutes in the oven)

10. At 120 degree celsius, bake all the way till the total baking time reached 20 minutes and you can remove the macarons from the oven.

(freshly out of the oven)

11.  Some people suggest spraying some cold water under the baking paper for easy removal. For me, I just leave the whole tray on the cooling rack and remove when cooled.

Recipe source: Angel’s Home

Hopefully, this post helps with your macarons making. After you have mastered the skill of making them, do play around with the flavours and if you really succeed, do share the recipe yea? All the best, people!