Anne from Simply Anne’s have tagged me for a meme and I’m simply so excited!!! I don’t know if anyone’s interested with my meme but I’m still so thrilled that I’ve been tagged. Thanks for tagging me! =P

Five Things

Found in my room:

TV (though it is hardly utilized).
Cookbooks beside my bed so that I can read them as bed time stories.
Bags lying on the floor.
Cardboard full of CD albums and VCD/DVD.
Stacks of lecture notes.

I have always wanted to do:

Travel around Europe.
Attend baking classes.
Be a lawyer (though it will never happen).
Be a violinist (too expensive (and old) to carry on).
Have English high tea sessions everyday.

Found in my bag:

Pencil case.
Lecture notes/Textbooks.
Sweeeets and Candy (for boring lectures =X).

Found in my wallet:

EZ link card.
Student ID.
ATM Card.
Dental appoinment card.

I am currently into:

Baking and blogging.
Surfing food blogs everyday.
Watching endless TV programmes.
Reading cookbooks.
Having afternoon naps everyday.

Candidates to tag:

Taste Goblet
Lee Ping from Stream in the Hip Desert
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