No, I’m not exaggerating. These cookies are simply not meant for the faint hearted.

Despite the ease in the preparation of these Chocolate Bites, they’re uncontrollable after they’re pop into the oven. You can only hope that the chocolate bites crack nicely, like the pictures on page 38 of Williams-Sonoma’s Cookies.

Well, the sad truth is mine didn’t crack as nicely. In fact, they are simply ugly. I was pretty disheartened with the result of these chocolate bites as they’re very different from the pictures in the book hence, I conclude that these chocolate bites are not meant for the timid ones like me, who prefer things that are controllable.

Anyhow, guess what did I do with the uglier ones?

Yes, they’re turn into ice-cream sandwich. I must admit they’re not very creative but they’re definitely yummy.

Anyway, call me a coward but I don’t think I’ll make this again but if you’re daring and love surprises, why not try making these chocolate bites yourselves?