Didn’t I said that I will have another macaron experiment soon?

Guess I can only say I’m seriously mad about macarons. This time round, I experiment with my favourite flower, rose.

I’m actually a little disappointed with the rose macaron because it’s not as pinkish (my favourite colour too) as I thought. It turns out more towards the brown side but nonetheless, the rose taste came through nicely, not too overwhelming.

I fill the rose macarons with rose buttercream. It’s my first time making italian buttercream and I think I sort of underwhipped the egg white. I’ll definitely try making the italian buttercream again as they’re less sweet, perfect for my not-so-sweet tooth.

As usual, I made matcha macarons. This time round, dark chocolate ganache is used. I had a hard time filling the macarons due to the warm weather, my chocolate ganache is melting like nobody’s business.

I believe the macaron madness will stay in me for quite a while so be prepared to see more macarons coming up!!!