Some time back, we had our final French presentation and many of us (including me) presented French pastries as our final project. Apart from the usual choux pastries, financier and madeleine, a friend chose to present the mysterious Macarons which fascinated many of us.

I’ve always find macarons very mysterious. Well, you can hardly see these precious gems around. Not many have heard of macarons until the macaron craze hit Singapore recently. In addition, don’t you find that macarons recipes are so hard to find (so if you have any good sites/books on macarons, do let me know).

Anyhow, since I’ve sort of (yes, sort of) master the skill of making macarons, there’s not reason for me not to make some for my dear friends who was enchanted by the magic of macarons right?

If you’re also charmed by the magic of macarons, it’s time to start the advanture of macaron making yea?