Back in school, my number one most hated subject is none other than science. I remember failing almost every tests and exam from sec 1 to sec 4. It’s a miracle that I managed to pass my science (with a pretty good grade) for my O level. I always believe that the best thing about graduating from secondary school is I can officially say goodbye to my most hated subject.

Today, I feel like I’m back in the school chemical lab experimenting with different chemicals. The good thing is, at least this time round, I’m happier with what I’m experimenting with.

Like chemical experiments whereI never fail to make mistakes, there were quite a number of hiccups during the process of experimenting with macarons recipes today. I shall not bore you guys with the boring details except one interesting incident. 

Well, my macarons sort of exploded in the oven. I suspect it’s due to the quality of the eggs I used. When I beat the egg at the initial stage, the egg white seems to take a longer time to be whipped. Not only that, the amount of whites were very little and it’s quite difficult to combine the dry ingredients with the egg white. I had this bad feeling that the eggs were spoilt because they had been the refrigerator for quite a while. Anyhow, I may be wrong about the rotten egg but still, it’s quite strange to see an exploded macarons yea?

Back to my macarons experiment. Due to time restrain, I did not have enough time to complete all the tasks I set for myself which resulted in the same filling (convenient canned red bean paste) in all the macarons.

“Fake” sesame macarons as I should have added more sesame into the batter.

Sesame macaron

Chocolate macaron

It’s been a while since I last made macarons and I’m losing the hand of it. I can hardly see the feet of the macarons. Guess there’ll be more macarons experiments real soon.