If you thinks that I’m hit with the donut craze, the sad truth is I’m not.

The thing is, I’ve never been crazy about donuts. Most of the time, my donut-addict friends will simply pass me some donuts where their boyfriend/friend/relative bought for them. Isn’t it wonder to have such friends? I save all the trouble to queue at donut factory. Therefore, since I can make healthier version donuts, there’s no reason for me not to make for my friends yea?

I experiment with the recipe as I find that the donuts not soft enough. I would say I’m rather please with the result this time round because baked donuts can never replace those fried ones.

Apart from the previous flavours, I did another 4 variaties – Oreo, blueberry preserve, white chocolate and sliced almond and my favourite, ham and cheese.

They might not be as yummy as donut factory but I still hope the friends enjoy it…