When my baby sister saw Baking Mum’s donuts, she immediately request for one in particular to the smiley face one on Baking Mum’s blog. Well, how can I turn down my baby sister’s sweet little request?

Today, I made my way to Sun Lik (thanks to my friend’s help since I’m such an idiot with street directions) and bought my donut pan. I’m pretty surprise by how small the donut pan is but, isn’t it great that it gives me more excuse to have more donuts?

To be honest, I’ve got many ideas running in mind on what flavours to add to my donuts BUT I’m simply too tired to experiment after being out the whole day. Thus, I’ve only managed to melt some chocolate and decorate with quinns.

I don’t know about you but whenever I sees donuts (or cakes), I’m always drawn towards marbled designs hence, I’m thrilled when I realised that my clumsy hand can also produce such beautiful marble design!!

On the whole, they taste ok and are rather blend when eaten on its own. However, the donuts taste better when coated with chocolate. If you’re interested to make your own healthy version of donuts, do check out this recipe.