One look at them you may wonder what exactly are those short and ugly cookies. Well, they’re my short and ugly biscotti. =P

Call me a mountain tortoise but I’ve never eaten a biscotti before. When I saw the recipe on Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours, I knew I have to try the recipe one day. The reason why I took soooo long to make this biscotti is simple. Despite my love for almond and anything nutty, I hardly use any nuts when I bake coz I find them pretty expensive.

I used the Chocolate Biscotti recipe in Baking (page 144). I think I need to get a metal rule specially for baking soon because despite the clear instruction on the measurements of the biscotti, I simply use my instinct which result in these short and ugly biscotti. The taste were pretty good except that I will prefer more almond in them (I’ve only used around 1/2 cup instead of the 1 cup instructed due to money constrain or rather, budget, lol).

Conclusion, I’ll definitely make these biscotti again when I receive my pathetic pay cheque. The next time round, I’ll make sure I put enough almond in it and yes, hopefully my short and ugly biscotti will grow up to become beautiful ones, just like ugly ducklings.

P/S: To anyone who is reading this blog, please tell me how to chop almonds yea? I find it quite tedious to chop them one by one. Thanks in advance!!!