There was a period where there seems to be a disney cookie cutter craze among the bloggers here. Almost every site that I click on, I saw these lovely cutters. Of course, being a Mickey Mouse fanatic, I want to get hold of these cutters as well but sad to say, they’re not available in Singapore.

Then, my friend asked me if there’s anything to buy in Japan since her boyfriend’s brother was going to Japan for holiday. Needless to say, I asked for a set of these cookie cutters (shamelessly since I don’t even know her boyfriend’s brother). Sadly, I did not receive any of the disney cutters.

It seems that I’ve already forgotten my love of these cutters till I saw these cutters again in some Hong Kong blogs. Again, my long forgotten wish list float back to my brain. I search for these cutters on Ebay and Yahoo and I’m shocked with the price. Thankfully, I saw them selling on Elyn’s site (with affordable price since they’re imported) and voila, here’s my set of Mickey Mouse cookie cutters!!

Now I have another problem. There seems to be a stamp (the mickey face) and the outline part and they’re sort of seperated. So how am I suppose to use these cutters?