I finally understood why my mum always says that when one is not in the mood, it reflects on the food he prepared. Well, it’s so true, don’t you think?

As I reached home earlier than I thought, I quickly set out my tools and start on macarons making again, thinking that I can give them to my friends later. Things go pretty well TILL the whole batter spill onto the table when I was trying to scoop the batter into the piping bag. Anger is the only word to describe my mood as I hate my clumsiness. I had to throw the rest of the batter away since more than half was gone and there’s no point in wasting money on electricity bill just to bake that few pieces.

So I set out to do a second time. I guess I was really affected with the earlier incident that the second round failed terribly. First, I underwhip the egg whites coz I did not let them cool to room temperature due to my impatience. Then, the batter becomes too thin to pipe and the worst is, again I clumsily spill some of the batter. The worst thing came when I pipe it onto the baking tray and forgot to stick the baking sheet with some batter onto the tray. Guess what, the paper flip when the fan was blowing on them and there goes my macarons’ shape.

Anyway, I still insist on putting them into the oven despite knowing that they’re going to fail. Sure enough, at about 8 minutes later, I open my oven, take out the tray and simplying throw everything to the garbage bin as there’s no feet forming and the tops are cracking.

The good news is, I still have some macarons which I did last night (chocolate and matcha) in the fridge. I hope my friends will still enjoy eating them despite the ugliness of the mac. 

On the side note, the reviews on the macs are pretty positive as mum brought them to a familty gathering earlier on. But then again, there’s a possibility that they’re just being courteous…

One last thing, I guess I have to BRUSH UP my skills on photo taking. It seems like I’m not gifted with the camera and my photos are always ugly. Sigh…