The macarons madness continue to grow in me and I’m already thinking of experimenting with new flavours like sesame, espresso, coffee etc. But the sad thing is, I will have to stay away from the “exotic” flavours until I get myself a food processor or blender.

Anyway back to macarons making. As I’ve seen many bloggers sifting some cocoa power on top of the macarons shell before baking to enhance the cocoa flavour, I wanted to do the same thing as well since it looks pretty as well. So when I reached home today, I took out all the necessary tools and start on macrons making but the super blur me actually forgot to sift the cocoa onto the shell. The good news is, they still turn out well except that I would like them better if they’re prettier.

Not satisfied with my chocolate macarons, I decided to use the green tea powder I bought from Phoon Huat last month and did matcha macarons. This time round, I overwhip the egg white hence my macarons shells are not round. The taste are quite nice as they have this bitter taste which make the macarons less sugary. 

On the side note, I filled the macarons with chocolate ganache (Cadbury 70% old gold dark chocolate) and I thought it really complements the sweetness of the macarons. As for the matcha ones, I would say I can only make do with what I have and simply fill them with the chocolate ganache though the combination sounds weird. Bear with the ugly pictures as I was simply too tired yesterday (12:30a.m) that I just scoop the ganache onto the mac and press them together.

I think my mac looks so ugly and amateur. I didn’t want to post the photos up but I feel that since it’s a learning journey, any failures should be recorded as well. Maybe one day when I’m more experienced, I can look back and laugh at how ugly my bakes are in the past. I’m looking forward to that day yea.

I guess I’ll be busy with macaron making for the next few days as well.

P/S: As I’m still not familiar with wordpress, this post is suppose to be publish last night but I forgot to click the button published hence the delay.