Due to the previous failures, I decide to try macarons making again this evening.

I think I’ve been curse with some spell on my brain today. Aftert about 8 minutes, I wonder why there isn’t any feet at my macs and the thought of throwing them away grow on me again. Never mind, maybe I should wait a little while more. 10 minutes, there’s still nothing and I thought, that’s it but I still continue baking at a lower temperature. 1 minute later, still nothing. I’m starting to panick.

Then, lo and behold, I realised my oven is COLD!!! I even touch it with my hand to test the temperature. So the answer to my non-feet-mac is simply because I didn’t turn on the oven.

Anyway, I took out the tray and preheat my oven. After about 10 minutes or so, I put my tray of mac in and guess what? The oven heat is there BUT the temperature is WRONG coz I forgot to adjust the temp back. It’s already too late to do anything to it when I realised so I just had to continue baking.

So what exactly happen to my mac? Not only there’s no feet, the top crack as well.

Thought the disaster will continue on me? I think lady luck can’t bear to see anyone fail too many times a day yea?

See those pretty little feet? I’m thrilled when I finally succeeded today.

Anyway, tomorrow will be the start of my attachment life for 7 weeks. Guess I can only experiment with mac again during the weekends. And I shall end with one last shot.

Till next week! Cheers!