When I first started out baking, there was a macaron craze among the food bloggers I visited. Of course, I was immediately entice by this cute little jewel looking sweets. At that time, I “bookmark” in my mind that one day, when I’m more skilled and confident, I’ll try baking macarons.

Two days ago, I “finished” my examinations (well to be precise, I have one more paper to go but I was too eager to break free from exams so I proclaim the end of exams myself) hence, I decide to venture into the making of these little jewels.

Before baking the macarons, I did a lot of research as macaron making has many history of failures among the bakers. I was a little apprehensive in making these initially as I’m like many bakers who are simply too afraid to fail.

However, seeing Angel’s blog only makes me even more determined to set out in macaron making. I finally settle on Angel’s recipe as hers seems to yield a smaller amount of macaron which is suits my little oven perfectly (I simply hate to bake in batch).

So how’s my first try? Like many others, I failed but I was quite thrilled when I saw those little skirts of feet forming around my macarons. The problem with my failure is the almond powder I purchased at Sheng Siong. They are simply too “thick” to be sift properly so I simply throw them into the batter as I do not own any food processor or blender to further grind them.

As you can see from the pictures, the top of the macarons are uneven, unlike those little jems I saw on Angel’s site. Determined to perfect these little jewels, I bought a new pack of ground almond at the Market Place today so that I can try macaron making again.

Despite reaching home at 11p.m, I still carry out with macaron making. With my new pack of ground almond, the batter is smoother but I still made a mistake of under beating the egg white. Furthermore, I replace caster sugar with icing sugar as I did not have any caster sugar on hand.

As you can see, the size are different because the batter was simply too thin to pipe. But I’m still quite satisfied with the formation of the skirts on the macarons and this time round, the tops are smoother. Not bad for a second timer yea?

These are my macarons before filling them with ganache. Well, I did not make any ganache as I was afraid they will be put to waste if my macarons fail.

Anyway, I’ll continue to experiment with baking macarons the next few days and hopefully, my macarons will turn out better each time.