About 6 months ago, her mum bought her an electric tabletop oven after pestering her mum for years. That day indicates the start of her crazy obsession with baking where her first product was a box mixed muffin which turns out horrible and her family members were simply reluctant to consume them.

Fortunately, she left for a getaway holiday the next day and when she’s back, the muffins were gone but she’s clueless with what her mum had done to these muffins. Well, she don’t want to know either.

The next product was vanilla cupcakes where she took the recipes from some sites. Surprisingly, the outcome was edible but of course, not up to standard yet.


Determined to build up her baking knowledge and experience, she begin to venture into other recipes like brownies and cookies. Things become better and better each time and it brings a smile to her when she hears her friends and family complementing the baked goods she made.

Every now and then, she still fails in baking some recipes but it will not stop her from continueing this journey and here she is, starting her food blog to record her ups and downs where she hopes to learn something when she bake each time.